Saturday, January 19, 2008


Farewell, Natasha

"Nancy had said recently that Natasha was the best looking cat in the world. She was that and lots more: she was loyal, patient, friendly (can't be said of all Siamese) and she ruled this roost with her personality. I can't forget how sensitive both of these cats were when I beat breast cancer. They seemed to know what I needed. I think the only thing they lacked were opposable thumbs."

For years, my humans have told me stories of this fabled Siamese. I was most impressed by her talent for snuggling under the covers with her human, something I've started doing myself. It was with no small sadness that I discovered Monica's email in Mark's inbox, reporting that Natasha had passed away. It sounds like she was a real queen among cats, benificent, wise, and compassionate.

Boris, poor fellow, I know the loss you're feeling. I'll say it for what it's worth: hang in there.
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