Sunday, April 13, 2008



My man servant, romantic fool that he is, fell in love with the idea of moving his (and my) personal belongings across the lake via canoe. Many jokes were made at my expense involving "humorous" scenarios wherein I was forced into the vessel. Happily, no such event occurred. (As if being trapped, stuffed into a bag, and driven around the lake wasn't bad enough.) However, he did go so far as to make a symbolic move by water. Here, he is pictured backing the canoe away from the house boat with a black suitcase in front of him. Nancy being away again on business, Mark's friend Rachel helped document the voyage, which I later heard took all of ten minutes.
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Dearest Brotherman,
Have you been Shanghaied for the Olympics? Haven't heard a word out of you in a long time...getting a little worried...
Boris and Sushi (formerly Sasha)
Dearest Beastie,

Thank you so much for the post: I'm currently analyzing the photos to determine your new hideout. Thank you, too, for revealing one of your fears - water! I must look into renting one of these floatable crafts of my own if...I mean WHEN...I track you down.

Hugs & kisses,
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